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38/46cm • 15″/18.1″ • feltinkpen on canvas • (2014)

Here & Now, inside of our body / mind, we’re made of previous entities as well as we’re in the making of the future ones. Because Life knows no separations between time & space*

This painting echoes a special time of my journey. Where i had to dig deeper and look higher so i can found a renewed Source. Once you’re climbing on Life’s stairs, you need to remember it has no end. A step is only leading you to another one, its meaning is to make you move on. Because Life is movement, our mental also needs to accept this process. An idea doesn’t have to be definitive … Just like a seed, we have to plant it so it gives birth to new ideas. This is why an opinion has to evolve and makes you grow. We need to pay attention to it, and feed it with other’s opinions. Just like the seed gets its food from a various amount of elements. If we can keep an open mind, we may have a chance to sublime, even the darkest times. Because we will be able to welcome new elements in our life and make new steps to a brighter place.

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