Acrylic paint on burlap 104/66 cm – 41″26″ – (2011)

An Universal story of beings pushing back their limits…To reach a higher & deeper understanding of Life *
When i finished this painting, i had no idea what it was about. So i paid attention to it and observed its details. I’ve noticed this big head had a primitive taste, even if kinda severe, maybe a cousin of the Easter Island characters. Then i saw all the birds composing it as well as this deep blue, like a sea. I felt i was getting closer to its meaning. So i’ve followed the signs, and came to understand ( and discover ) it was echoing a ritual on Rapa Nui, where one was supposed get to get to another island to climb the cliff and collect the first egg of the season from a local bird and then swim back to the clifftop of the village.Talk about a metaphorical trial to push back your limits to reach some sacred status ! So i knew that i had both the name and the meaning of the painting.

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