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33/41cm • 13″/16″ • acrylic on canvas • (2013)

Being curious of each other’s’ lives … Is the best way to learn about ours*

About this painting … This is only when i finished it and looked at it that i realized it was a kind of portrait, if not a self portrait. Once again its title is a mix of words, “straw”, because it was making me think of its yellow and the way some forms were looking like it. In a way it was building the face / portrait, which also looked kinda ” awkward ” .. so it became ” Strawkward “. Some elements are not perfect or good looking, and parts are featuring some weird animals or monsters. But in the end, the whole is still able to be ” someone ” … just like we do, even though many obstacles were in front of us. We still manage to sublime it, to make it a life, call it our journey and accept it as our self. No matter if some parts were more difficult or else, the whole is beautiful because it represents the true being we are.

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