Ink on paper – 10/10cm – (2016)

It’s a very simple artwork compared to what i usually do, but so is Love at its beginning. It illustrates the very first seconds of the very first time when two people can feel they are falling in love. It is a moment full of magic. These eternal seconds that we can experience here, are the ones that will last for our lifetime. No matter what happens later. I remember when these heads touched to connect and stayed like that for a while, it was like the respective minds were able to talk together in the silence of our voices. Just through our connected skulls, no more was needed, nothing else had to be said, Love was falling on us so we could fall in love too. These moments are the greatest, because they are pure and sincere, we all know it’s very rare to experience it, this is why we spend our life hoping for it, looking for it, desiring it …

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