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mixed media on canvas 30/60cm – (2013-17) collaboration with Johanne

I started this one a long time ago but i got stuck and did not know where to go with it so i stopped to work on it. One day i got the visit of my friend & artist Johanne and we decided, why not give it a try ? So i gave it to her, for a couple of weeks she added some of her world before giving it back to me. As soon as i got it back, things started to flow again and i was finally able to finish it. Once again, the lesson is quite obvious. Whenever we feel stucked, rather than giving up, we should always try to look for some help, an exterior look sometimes, can be the best way for us to see things we have in front of us, clearly again. As i was looking for an interpretation of this painting, i asked to a friend about it who told me it was like a Spirit of the forest. And i really liked the idea, the more i was observing it and the more i was seeing how pertinent it was. All the elements, animal totems, colored organic links & roots were featured into this semi human incarnation. Like the character was actually mutating into a full component of the forest itself (as ‘kodama’ are spirits that inhabit trees in japanese folklore).

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