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Acrylic on burlap,104/75cm – 41″/29″ – (2011)

Things With A Real Value Have No Price*

Here is the story behind this painting.I don’t feel like it’s one of my best work but i can’t change it now, it’s part of my journey.Its meaning is more direct than some of my other stuffs. Observing it, i kinda realized it was about the safety of our planet.( i told you it was not that original, .. sadly it is not ) …

The main figure is a primate / monkey, echoing our most basic side and instinct as a human species. I always preferred intuition to instinct but i’m pretty sure we will need both of them to save what is left of our planet as we know it.( even if accepting the changes is also something we have to reflect on ).

The message / writings are simple, it says ” One atmosphere should have been enough “. Indeed, but the way we evolve makes it unprobable and it hurts my heart very strongly and yours too i’m sure. This is why, the bottom of the painting features the word atmosphere on a bold blue line but it is covered by red (blood ?) Above it you can see this big red wave, echoing a kind of penis / ego of the monkey / mammal / us.Just to illustrate this side of our species, the fact we think we’re supposed to rule the planet ( even by changing its rules ). Totally forgetting we’re just a component of it, no more, no less.

We’re now in what seems to be an inevitable chain of events with inevitable consequences … Exciting time for Change ( and frightening as well ) … The paradoxe is that it makes us feel more conscious of our link. It’s no more the time for being naive but more than ever a time to invent a new utopia.

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