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Indian inks, gouache markers, on A4 canson paper – (2018)

Dumuzi is the husband of Inanna, both come from ancient Mesopotamian – Sumerian mythology. Once again just a couple of details from the artwork led me to this story and intuition + interpretation did the rest of the way … I noticed a sort a humanoid-goat (in the neck ) figure, it made sense since Dumuzi was associated with the shepherds … You can see a long female character in the middle of the face, she’s in grey like ashes with a skull like face … it made me thought of Hell … someone sending you there or the one you wanna find back and save from it. This is when i discovered Dumuzi was sent to Hell by Inanna when she got back from the underworld. This interpretation fitted well with the fact you can see at the bottom of the drawing, two big dogs (sharing tongues) like cerberus / guardians of the underworld.

Inanna, a goddess, later decreed he would spend only half of the year in the underworld and Dumuzi was associated with the cycle of the seasons. His re birth coinciding with Spring. Maybe this is why (i believe) i’m seeing in his mouth, a bird, with red feathers, like a phoenix, escaping from the devouring underworld (the open mouth on the other side) to fly back to the surface. I’m sure there’s more to see or imagine .. that’s it for now.

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