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CultureM Magazine

Transcription of an interview with a South Korean publication – march 2014 (this zine doesn’t exist anymore)

CultureM Magazine What’s your style of art called ?

M I don’t really have a name to put on it. As i said about the age, where you come from, your gender etc these things we give as informations make the people’s spirit builds opinions out of it. But in Art, opinions are not what matters. Feelings and what it creates into the heart and Soul is what matters. So maybe give a name to it is not worthy or maybe it is; this is the beauty of Life, either ways could lead to more meaning.

CultureM Magazine What techniques do you use to create your paintings ?

M This has always been the point with me, just like in my music. I always chose to find it out by myself. I believe “universal knowledge” is in the molecules, and up to grab for the one who believes he has to. I believe we are all able to find it out by ourselves, if we act with Faith in what we choose to do. This is not a “rejection” of technique, but rather the belief that we attract what we need, to succeed in our attempts.

CultureM Magazine Your painting looks like difficult to understand easily, what’s your messages in your artworks ?

M Like i said, i don’t really have a message. In this human’s journey, or Life on Earth, we make ourselves meet people, hear sounds, read books that make us grow and get a better idea of who we are and who we want to be. I am just a tool and a drop in this ocean for people to meet this secret part of themselves, just like creating is one of my tools to achieve the same process within myself. So i would rather say, art and life’s details in general are made to understand yourself rather than itself. This is a humbling thing to remember when you create.

CultureM Magazine As an artist, What is your plans and goal ?

M I have pretty much the same goals as an artist or human being, i don’t separate one from the other. I want to be myself, to re-member and always grow from here. But this has a meaning only if it contributes to help the others to do the same work on themselves too. Painting is a great thing to do, but in the end what matters is Knowledge of Life, the link between lives, visible or invisible. I just look to be able to travel the physical world as well as the spiritual worlds, to be able to move on planet Earth thanks to the artworks created and be able to connect with people to meet the unknown and learn from it.