Before choosing a size, click on the image to check how the print looks like on paper.

Limited print series on art paper, signed, stamped, numbered and certified by myself.

40/50cm • 15.7″/ 19.7″ • 100 ex. series
50/70cm • 19.7″ / 27.5″ • 90 ex. series
60/80cm • 23.6″ / 31.5″ • 80 ex. series
70/100cm • 27.5″ / 39.3″ • 50 ex. series

•the quality is very high ( the best you can find ) since it is a “giclée”.
•also, they are not printed from camera files, but from professional ultra HD scans.
•i don’t sell the original paintings = real value of the limited series

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