Welcome ! I am Moontain, a french solo heArtist.

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you also might see some of my works under other names such as “Fre(e)d, in solo” for music, or “M.U.K” for alternative / older stuffs.


Short Links to my : Art’s JourneyMusic’s Journey ∞ +an Interview explaining my artistic process

Since i was a child, i always felt Life was bigger & deeper than human’s physical limits.
I grew up focusing on the details animating this Whole, riding thoughts & mirages the furthest possible.
Experiences always showed me how humbling and rewarding it is to pay attention to these interconnected waves, as well as their never-ending Source of Knowledge.
What drives me is the desire to Be and to Re-member, as much as the will to share positive waves and insights to help the Change *

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  • To visitors / YOU: i wanna THANK YOU for the curiosity and open mind. Interactions make the heArt alive, giving a real meaning to what is shared. I wish you to enjoy your imagination’s fantasies and discover unknown lands of your self.
  • To medias & zines: being able to talk about the motivations of what’s behind the frames & colors in my work, means a lot to me, it’s very important for me to have some opportunities to share thoughts.
  • To designers / product makers: I am open to have some of my artworks used ( for example, clothes, skateboard etc ) as long as the ethic is eco-friendly, it would be a pleasure to discuss about it.
  • To musical artists: music is a huge passion and activity, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to have one of my paintings ( or a detail ) used for your album’s ( or else ) artwork, rock’ n’ roll *
  • To visual artists: I am willing to create some kind of animations for my paintings, i hope some of you can be interested in this work / I also look to get some of my musics used in (short) movies etc
  • To publishers: I look to be able to produce a book featuring paintings, short texts as well as aphorism, so-called philosophical discussions, like a great pot-pourri of what i can do, (contact me)
  • To charities / foundations: it would be an honor to see some of my works ( visual or spiritual ) as a part of a campaign for a positive change (animals’ rights, nature’s protection, biodiversity, childhood …)

INTRO MACHINAslices of my surroundings ( MORE )